2017-18 ROFC Premier Coaching Staff

2017-18 Coaching Staff

Director of Coaching
Stephen Gorton

Contact Stephen at sgorton@roysa.com 
Phone: 248.520.8476



Campbell, Melissa

Coach 2008 Girls Green, 2008 Girls White, 2008 Girls Gold

-USSF D License
-NSCAA National Diploma

Contact Melissa at mcampbell@roysa.com

Evans, Kristi
Coach 2005 Girls Green

-NSCAA Advanced National Diploma

Contact Kristie at kevans@roysa.com

Fitzgerald, Dan
Coach 2000/01 Boys Green 

USSF D License

Contact Dan at dfitzgerald@roysa.com

Gorton, Andrea

Girls Technical Director

Coach 2009 Girls Green, 2007 Girls DA, 2006 DA and 2007 Girls White

- USSF National C License
- NSCAA National Youth
- NSCAA Advanced National Diploma

Contact Andrea at agorton@roysa.com
Phone: 620.290.1028


Jagodzinski, David

Director of Soccer Operations

Coach 2006 Girls White, 2004 Girls White, 1999 Girls Green

-USSF D License
Contact Dave at djagodzinski@roysa.com  


Jallow, Abdoulie

Coach 2010 Boys Green, 2010, Boys White, 2009 Boys Green, 2009 Boys White, 

-USSF D License

Contact Abdoulie at ajallow@roysa.com 

Leman, Todd
Coach 2002 Girls Green, 2002 Girls White

-USSF E License
-NSCAA Level 1 & 2 Goalkeeping Diploma

Contact Todd at tleman@roysa.com


Lopiccolo, Shannon
Coach 2003 Girls Green

- USSF D License
- NSCAA National Diploma

 Contact Shannon at slopiccolo@roysa.com

McCumber, Aryn
Coach 2009 Girls White

- Former Division 1 Player

 Contact Aryn at amccumber@roysa.com

Romanello, Tim
Director of Player Development

Coach 2005 Boys Green, 2005 Boys White, 2004 Boys Green

- NSCAA Advanced National Diploma

Contact Tim at tromanello@roysa.com


Seargeant, Steve
Coach 2002 Boys Green, 2003 Boys Green

Former EPL player at Everton

Contact Steve at sseargeant@roysa.com

Septer, Allison
Coach 2004 Girls Green

- USSF E License
- NSCAA Level 1 & 2 Goalkeeping Diploma
- Set to complete USSF D License and NSCAA Advanced National before Fall

Contact Allison at asepter@roysa.com


Septer, Jamie 
Coach 2010 Girls Green, 2010 Girls White

-USSF E License

Contact Jamie at jsepter@roysa.com 

Timlin, Chris

Director of Goalkeeping

Coach 2007 Boys White, 2006 Boys DA, 2001 Girls Green

- USSF C License
- NSCAA Advanced National Diploma
- Advanced National Goalkeeping Diploma

Contact Chris at ctimlin@roysa.com 

Tonianse, Armen

Boys Technical Director

Coach 2008 Boys Green, 2008 Boys White, 2007 Boys Green

- USSF B License 
- Levels 1,2 & 3 NSCAA Goalkeeping Diplomas

Contact Armen at atonianse@roysa.com


Williams, Tom

Rec Technical Director

- USSF C License
- NSCAA National Diploma

Contact Tom at twilliams@roysa.com