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Last Fall 2017 season, our club adopted a 
new uniform procedure and policy. (This policy applies to all age divisions, except Little Renegades where we will still order the jerseys and distribute at the first session).

When you register for Spring soccer, one of the following scenarios will apply to you:

1.  Your player would like to return to the same team that he/she was on in Fall 2017, and you have registered on time (by February 1, 2018).  You do NOT need to order a new jersey, you will wear the same team jersey you wore in the Fall.

2.  Your player would like to return to the same team that he/she was on in Fall 2017, and you have NOT registered on time (by February 1, 2018).  You MAY need to order a new jersey if there is no longer room on your returning team.  You will be notified if you need to order a new jersey.

3.  Your player is playing Spring soccer and did not play in the Fall.  You DO need to order a jersey for Spring season.

4.  You requested that your player transferred to another team.  If the transfer request is approved, you DO need to order a new team jersey for Spring season.  You will be notified by February 15 with the status of your transfer request, and your jersey must be ordered by March 1, 2018.

After Spring season, the jerseys are yours to keep.  You will order new jerseys for the Fall 2018/Spring 2019 seasons.

Please order your jersey here:

Royal Oak FC will decide the color of your team's jersey and jersey number when the teams are created, but you will pre-order and pay for the size you want.  The shirts are slim cut and tend to run on the smaller side.  

In addition to the required jerseys, it is recommended (but not required) that you opt for the short and socks options available online as well.

Fall and Spring registration prices will each be decreased by $10 to account for parents purchasing the jersey, so if you play Fall and Spring seasons with us, your costs will decrease by $1.25. ROFC’s new uniform policy eliminates the work of our coaches having to track and collect jerseys, significantly reduces the club’s work in having to re-order lost or non-returned jerseys after each season, ensures that players get the jersey size they want and stops parents who return their jersey from subsidizing the costs of those that do not as lost jerseys were becoming a significant cost to the club.

Your ordered jerseys (and other gear you order) will be ready in March 2018.  You will be contacted in the Spring for pick-up instructions.

Deadline to order jerseys is March 1st.  After that date, there will be a $10 late fee. 

*** Please place a separate order for each child you have enrolled in REC soccer ***